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     Custom Framing is a
unique and specialized art,
our projects are designed
with color, edge, and creativity, 
built by artist framers... 
We are always inspiring for more
extraordinary ways to create, support and invent.


Because our walls need furniture too! Your home, office and favorite place with a wall or two, is a place of expression, an area to take a moment to view something of meaning and joy. Recreate your room, deck out your space and at the same time capture and embrace your memorable item with a unique and creative custom frame. We value connection and love to hear the stories and find incredible ways to display it all! H Frame is about Art, Support and Creation, Our clients bring the reason for it all, the many connections, dreams and adventures is our inspiration, As Framers we bring it out with a creative and skillful touch!



We are inspired framers. Inspired by all the art and great interactions with our customers. H Frame is a group of creatives, we set up and designed our company to assist you in providing the best way to protect your art. The right framing processes are important and we can guide you through choosing conservation quality materials, so you can get the most out of your framing experience.


Art Friendly means we care about the materials we use. H Frame can help you in complimenting your photos and art with the perfect frame, inside and out. Let's work one on one to find the best solution for your treasures. 

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