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Hello, I am Kristina, together with my husband Stephen, we have five beautiful  children, AJ, Stephen, Riverlyn, Kodiak and Garnet. Raised in Colorado, we enjoy all the great things about our beautiful state, including the peaceful snow, glowing sunshine and the mountain lifestyle.

After living in Crested Butte for 5 years we found our way back to the front range for a new chapter of our lives, our youngest sweet Garnet was hospitalized for asthma and it was a tough decision, but we needed to moved closer to the hospital in Denver. We decided it wasn't the end of our journey for the frameshop and moved our business too.

We don't feel too far from home as both of us shared many memories with family and friends in the area. Stephen and I both grow up near by, and we first meet each other at Centaurus high school in Lafayette, CO. 


I studied art history and critical theory at Metropolitan State University of Denver and currently pursuing a masters degree in gallery management and exhibition specialization at Western State University.

With over 15 years of professional custom framing experience,  I truly believe framing and conservation is a service to people and families. My passion for framing allowed me to craft a skill, and seek beyond what a job can offer, it brings me joy to preserve the things people love. Providing excellent custom framing to my customers not only encourages the growth of community, but it preserves a special kind of craftsmanship. I take pride in my work and hold the highest standard of quality and care in all the projects I do.

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